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April 16th, 2012 >> parental knowledge

Baby strollers have become an essential product for parents. A stroller, like the baby’s tiny room, baby can lie down to sleep or sitting, which is so easy and simple, it does bring a lot of convenience to the mothers. But you know, if the strollers are used improperly, it will make harm to the baby, so it is necessary to understand hwo to use the stroller safely.

Note 1:  security check before using

. Check if the nuts, screws are loose, if loose, fix them.

. Check whether the part of the seat cushion available.

. Check if the wheel brake is effective.

·When baby sit in the stroller, you must fasten the waist belt. As to the length of the waist belt, it depends on the size of the baby.

Note 2:  The safety when baby sit in

  Baby may be injured if falling from the car, so-

. Do not untie the waist, shoulder belt when using.

· Do not let the baby stand up on the stroller.

· When baby sitting in the stroller, do not hang baskets or wrap items out side the stroller.

Note 3:  The safety when pushing

· Do not lift the front wheels and push with the rear wheels alone, as it will cause rear frame bending, fracture. Do not let infants or young children use the stroller.

· When open or fold the stroller, do not let infants and young children get close.

· When push to travel, do not push too fast, keep an ordinary speed (typically 4 km per hour), thus the baby will be more comfortable.

· Each stroller has the max load, it always noted in the instructions, the parents who has fat baby must pay attention. For example, some instructions say: “Do not let the baby weight more than 20 kg infant take the stroller.”

· Do not put the stroller near the fire, because high temperature may be will make the plastic deformation, which will cause the stroller does not work.

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