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Let's have a peaceful world
2016-01-05 11:06:25
The holidays bring about many opportunities for us to give. It’s one of my favorite things because giving is what I want my kids to walk away remembering about this time of year. If I can teach them to find their greatest joy in serving others, I’ll consider my job as a mama complete.

With the ongoing tragedies in Syria it seems that there are countless ways we can reach out and support those who have lost their homes, their everything. I can only imagine the pain and suffering these families are going through as they flee all they’ve ever known and rely on the kindness of strangers to survive. My heart is especially broken for the parents and children. That’s probably why the organization, Carry The Future, was a perfect fit for me when I was looking for a place to offer my support. This group is accepting baby carrier donations and getting them into the hands of those who need them most!carry the future.

Carry The Future, also known as Operation Refugee Child, started as a Indiegogo campaign. They are a group of volunteers helping refugees in many ways, but their primary mode of service is to offer free baby carriers to families. Carry The Future began when Cristal Logothetis, a mom like you and me, saw a need and set a goal to fulfill that need. Her initial plan was to raise funds and gather donations to send 10,000 baby carriers to Greece. From there those carriers would be distributed to families in need. But that was just the beginning …

What started out as the work of a lone mother, has turned into a grassroots movement that has given birth to Carry The Future, a micro-solidarity non profit* organization geared towards enabling peer-to-peer volunteerism in times of human crisis.

There are many ways to get involved with Carry The Future — cash donations, volunteering, and more. But the main thing I want to share are the details of how YOU can donate one of your extra baby carriers (or perhaps buy one with your Christmas dollars) and get it into the hands of a Syrian refugee. 

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