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Healthy diet, healthy child
2016-04-14 09:37:09
What can you do to ensure your child stays healthy years down the line? Take care of yourself before and during pregnancy. This advice is nothing new, a new report shows that the vast majority of health care providers don't monitor or advise women on health, nutrition and exercise.
This study, released by the Infant and Toddler Forum, called doctors, midwives and parents alike to view preconception and pregnancy as a "window of opportunity" that would lead to a healthier generation of children.

How this applies to you
You may notice that your prenatal appointments consist of a urine and weight check, belly measurement and blood pressure monitoring, with nary a thought to what you're eating. Your doctor may check in and ensure you're taking a prenatal vitamin, but other than that, he or she is out the door before you can think to raise a question.

Because your diet is so important, it's worth intentionally carving out time to chat with your doctor about it. What you eat today not only affects the growth of your fetus – but also influences your child's health years from now. Before each appointment, make it a focus of yours to jot down a few notes or questions about your nutrition. Once your doctor enters the examining room, ask if you can have a quick review about your general health before getting started. He or she may have suggestions for how you can take in more vitamins and nutrients to benefit baby.

What you may be missing
Most women of childbearing age may be lacking in folate, iron, calcium, iodine and vitamin D. You can request blood work from your doctor to determine your levels, and even work with a nutritionist to ensure you're getting what you and baby need through both a balanced diet and vitamin supplements.

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