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How fiber plays a role
2016-04-18 10:36:32
The study's authors explain that a fiber-rich diet changes mom's gut bacteria and acts as an anti-inflammatory, creating an environment hostile to asthma genes – thus preventing them from being activated in offspring. Intrigued by this animal study, researchers turned to humans, hoping to replicate the positive results with expectant moms. They brought 40 pregnant women into the lab, analyzing blood work and diet. 

Then, they tracked these women well into their postpartum lives, following up until their babies were past the one year mark. Collecting data on pediatrician visits due to respiratory issues, researchers were able to link mom's diet to health outcomes for baby. The results mirrored the mice study, showing a strong link between fiber-rich diets and asthma-free babies.

As an expectant mom, what you eat matters. A balanced and healthful diet today makes for better outcomes for baby tomorrow. Take a moment to weigh in: How have you changed your diet to accommodate for baby's growth and development? What are some dietary sacrifices you're making? Tell us about your healthy-eating (or not so healthy-eating) plan in the comments below.

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