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Try to know the Playpen and its Safety standards
2016-05-19 09:47:56
Also known as pack-n-plays, playards or playpens, this portable baby activity gear is highly popular because of its convenience and versatility for home and travel.  

The CPSC has received more than 2,100 incidents with play yards, including 60 fatalities and 170 injuries, between November 2007 and December 2011.

These new safety mandatory requirements for play yards include:

.A stability test to prevent the play yard from tipping over.
.Latch and lock mechanisms to keep the play yard from folding on a child when it is being used.
.Entrapment tests for attachments so a child's head does not get trapped while a bassinet or other accessory is attached.
.Floor strength tests to ensure structural integrity and to prevent children from getting trapped by the play yard floor.
.Minimum side height requirements to prevent children from getting out of the play yard on their own.
.A test to prevent play yards with top rails that fold downward from using a hinge that creates a V or diamond shape when folded to prevent head or neck entrapments.

The play yard safety standards are a requirement of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which enacted safety reforms to prevent dangerous products from entering the marketplace. Also for the other baby products like baby car seat and baby stroller, we manufacturer has the responsibility to produce the absolutely safe products!

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