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safe meal for children and pregnant women
2016-07-29 09:35:05
Direct additives be fed to lab animals for at least 28 days. Of the roughly 1400 direct additives for which we found feeding data, only 852 were fed to lab animals to figure out how much we could eat before getting sick. The rest were tested by checking how much of a chemical can kill half of the testing animals. Needless to say, counting dead bodies is a pretty inappropriate way to determine the safety of a chemical. More importantly, of those chemicals that being recommended testing for reproductive and developmental toxicity, only 137 of 1136 chemicals had that information.
Indirect additives or food contact substances are not subjected to the same testing. If a manufacturer estimates that the amount of a food contact substance that will get in the diet is below an established exposure threshold.
But, even if all chemicals in food were studied using the recommended testing, the methods now is outdated. For instance, it doesn’t recommend screening for endocrine disruption or behavioral effects; it doesn’t routinely consider exposure to children and pregnant women or testing for allergic reactions; and it assumes that small amounts of chemicals don’t cause adverse effects.

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