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An experiential gift
2016-08-01 09:59:28
There are ways to package an experiential gift, too.
First, pick an experience coveted by your kids. It can be one they’ve dreamed of (sorry, this may mean you’re going to a local theme park!) or something you’ve dreamed up that you know they’ll love—a trip to a special museum, sports event, play, or a day trip related to their interests. It could be as simple as seeing a movie a day during the holiday break or maybe attending a teen idol concert. Skiing, snow tubing, ice skating outings—they all count. You know what your kids like

Wrap something tangible so your kid won’t be empty handed on the actual holiday. This could mean tickets, a souvenir, or a t-shirt from your destination. Headed to the beach? Wrap a (recycled plastic) beach toy.
Add some mystery. What’s more fun unwrapping an envelope that leads to a clue-filled treasure hunt that leads to the gift? Arguably this works best if you have older children.

Stash a cache of information about the experience—brochures, videos, maps, etc.—that you can share closer to the big day to stoke excitement and create build-up.

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