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Bed is important for a family
2016-09-19 09:12:30
If you are going to green one thing, you should green your beds, because people (children especially) spend so much time sleeping. About a year ago, we bought a full size bed for our 2 small children to sleep in together. we couldn’t afford my ideal bed (all natural materials, no plastic, no toxic chemicals), but I ended up with a decent compromise. Our ideal bed, very affordable eco-friendlier options, and what we actually bought.
But what if you aren’t in the market for a new mattress right now? Honestly, we chose not to research the mattress issue until I was ready to buy a new bed to avoid unduly stressing myself out. I will say that if I had a new baby sleeping in a crib it would be my number one shopping priority to buy a 100% natural crib mattress (probably made of organic cotton and wool) with zero added flame retardants and a wool puddle pad for protection.

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