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Watching baby when he/she is sleeping
2016-11-03 09:20:07
Always keep your baby monitor and cords at least three feet away from your baby’s crib, bassinette, play yard or other safe sleep environments. If your baby monitor does not have a warning label indicating the strangulation risk, visit the Baby Monitor Safety website to request one.

While you’re there, check out the safety tips video and learn more about the safe use and positioning of your baby monitor. Here are some other suggestions from the JPMA to help prevent infants and toddlers from strangling in monitor cords:

Immediately check the location of all monitors and other products with electrical cords—including those mounted on the wall—to make sure cords are out of your child’s reach.

Place cords at least three feet away from any part of the crib, bassinet, play yard or other safe sleep environment. Never position a monitor inside or on the edge of a crib.
Here is an easy-to-remember mantra to help keep your child safe: "At least three feet away is where your monitor should stay." (Of course, that goes for ANY electrical appliance in your home!).

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