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New life with the coming baby
2016-12-05 09:31:21
Sweet bundle in your arms could have the internal clock of a barnyard rooster? Babies are up at the crack of dawn, so unfortunately you will be too. The other side to this story is that you'll also be a night person – nursing, rocking and doing everything within your power to lull your little one to sleep. Are we scaring you yet? Never fear, there's hope: You'll be amazed at how little sleep you need to function in those first few months. When you finally get a full night's rest, you'll feel like you won the lottery, promise.
You become obsessed with poop: Yes, it's really true. In those first few weeks, you and your partner will devote most of your conversation time to the baby's output: the frequency, consistency, color – it's all a bit disgusting to consider, but our advice on the subject? Just roll with it. What you find in your little one's diaper is a pretty good predictor of his or her health, so it's normal to pay good attention to it.
A movie becomes a marathon: Long gone are the days of luxuriating in front of the TV with your sweetheart. Sure, you can pop in a movie here and there, but chances are it will take you a week to finish it. The good news here is that once baby is old enough for you to go out on your own, hitting up the theater will be a serious treat.

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