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No need to feed at night for elder baby
2016-12-23 09:54:06
When the baby is about 6 months, he/she drop the active and quiet sleep cycles and start to develop four sleep cycles. This should help reduce or eliminate nighttime awakenings, and all babies should be sleeping through the night at this point.

“By 6 months, a baby’s stomach is large enough that she shouldn’t have to wake for night-time feeds,” Cohen says. If your infant is still waking, you can try to eliminate night feedings by waking your child 30 to 60 minutes before she would normally wake and giving her a short feeding. “You need to break the contingency between waking up andbeing fed,” Cohen says. After three to five nights of waking your baby for feeds, you should be able to eliminate night feeds and your baby will sleep until morning.
Baby’s motor milestones can be one of the biggest sleep issues at this age. “Every time your baby can do something new with her body, it’s like winning the baby lottery, and it’s all she wants to do,” Waldburger says. “Your baby may not like the confinement of the crib and she may want to crawl in the middle of the night.” Just be aware that milestones are bound to cause a few bumpy days, so focus on coming back to healthy habits after the initial excitement wears off.

Biggest mistake at this age: Continuing with nighttime feeds. By 6 months, babies no longer need to feed through the night.

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