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Baby advice during pregnancy
2017-04-11 09:40:39
During pregnancy, do you had enough baby advice? Within minutes of finding out that my wife was pregnant—and after experiencing the pure joy of that moment with her—we were faced with the decision of when to share this great news with others. Little did I know that soon after we mentioned the pregnancy to people, we would be subjected to an avalanche of unsolicited advice.
Once the congratulatory hugs, hardy back pats, and high fives were over, we would start receiving big healthy heaps of “you should” and “don’t forget to.” We had no idea how the announcement of a simple pregnancy would target us as a couple of know-nothing ding-dongs in need of help. Consider this your warning.
The deluge of advice really started once my wife was showing later in the pregnancy. At that point, we were hearing it from everyone—strangers in line at the grocery store, the delivery guy at our door. Everyone had an opinion about the days to come. As my wife’s belly grew and we came closer to the due date, people simply couldn’t help themselves. (Although this was nothing compared to what came once we actually had the baby.)

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