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Do you have some used clothes from your relatives or friends for your baby?
2017-04-12 09:39:06
Its is very common to have some used cloths from your relatives or friends for your baby. Someone considers hand-me-downs the most eco-friendly option. Reusing what is already available is the greenest option. Hand-me-downs aren’t always perfect. They often reek of perfume-y detergent or dryer sheet residue, which can contain hormone disrupting chemicals. If you happen to get a load of stained items—or your kid stains them—look into textile recycling instead of sending them to a landfill.
It can be hard to get grandparents who can’t resist buying new and decidedly unsustainable outfits to do the same. So Chua provides family members with an inclination to spoil her daughter with a list of brands creating durable fashion and heirloom pieces. On her list? Hannah Anderson (“so sturdy they last forever and have a lot of organic cotton choices”); Tea Collection (“not sustainable or organic but they last like 5 million washes and still look great”); and Tane Organics (“mostly for little babies—adorable knits that look incredibly classic and heirloom”), among others.
If you’re planning on having more than one kid, Chua suggests buying neutral colors. “I’m not into the whole pink girly girl thing,” she confesses. “I buy items that can be used for boys or girls. We have a boy cousin and we have pictures of the kids at the same age wearing the same thing.” Passing clothes on when your kid outgrows them is always a good thing. Chua’s daughter’s too-small stuff goes to a neighbor. “You feel good that someone else is wearing them,” she says.

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