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Baby eye vision problem
2017-04-14 09:35:31
If you sense that your child is having eye or vision problems, talk to your doctor. If issues like those listed below develop, the AOA recommends that you take your baby to the doctor immediately. Fortunately, most babies are born with healthy eyes.
Excessive tearing, which may indicate blocked tear ducts, this happen commenly, parents should take good care on that.

Red or encrusted eye lids, which could be a sign of an eye infection
Constant eye turning, which might be due to a problem with eye muscle control
Extreme sensitivity to light, which could be caused by overly high pressure in the eye. Appearance of a white pupil, which could be a potential indicator of an eye cancer
Even if your baby's eyes seem fine, you should plan to take him for his first complete vision exam at around 6 months of age.

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