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Harmful matters still be there in Chilren's articles
2017-07-21 09:41:52
The harmful matters are still be there in Chilren's articles. Parents across the world are furious that some branded companies continues to sell vinyl school supplies, even though companies have shown us that it’s possible to sell children’s school supplies without these harmful chemicals.
Lori Alper, an amazing green mom from Massachusetts, decided to take action into her own hands after reading our report. She started a petition and calling on those companies to get these toxic chemicals out of school supplies.

Almost overnight, the petition has galvanized signatures from thousands of parents across the world.Today the petition has over 57,000 signatures! The fine folks over have also started a petition to those companies, which has also been signed by thousands of parents, particularly outraged moms!
Please try your best to buy safety product and baby toys for your children, Noblerbaby is a saftey company for you to choose.

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