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Will Disney Listen to our Wishes baby products
2015-09-14 09:07:59

Will Disney listen to the wishes and dreams of moms and dads across the world, that want safe products for their children?
The company is currently in the process of developing a “restricted substance list,” which many other companies have done. They state they will:
“By 2013, share a restricted substance list with our vendors and licensees…Disney thinks globally and strategically to anticipate regulations as they apply to chemicals and substances of concern. We canvass different sources – from jurisdictions, NGOs, and consumer advocacy groups to medical studies – to anticipate the next regulated substance. Our ultimate goal is to proactively reduce or eliminate substances of concern before it is required and to provide safe products and experiences for our customers.”
This presents the company a unique opportunity to require all their licensees to eliminate the use of phthalates and vinyl.  If phthalates and vinyl aren’t substances of concern, we don’t know what are!
Forward thinking businesses like Google, Apple and Nike have already committed to eliminating phthalates and vinyl.

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