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Prevent injuries when using the baby crib
2018-03-19 09:20:35
Prevent injuries when using the baby crib. Throughout the recent debates, people maintained that crib bumper pads are safe and can actually help prevent injuries when installed and used correctly.

This new standard offers voluntary guidelines for manufacturers to follow in creating their crib bumpers and warning labels for these products. It also makes a distinction between hazardous pillow-like crib bumpers and non-hazardous crib bumpers with specific performance requirements. Problems with infants getting their limbs entrapped between crib slats accounted for the second highest number of crib related complaints and injuries.

Crib bumper pads can protect babies from these types of injuries. Crib bumper pads also help prevent children from suffering head injuries, such as cuts and bruises, from contact with side rails and headboards. To adopt mandatory safety regulations based on the ASTM infant bedding standard and join JPMA in educating parents on the safe use of cribs and appropriate bedding. Nothing takes the place of safe sleep practices.

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