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Thinking and find help before using a baby car seat
2015-10-01 09:55:20

If the prospect of buying and installing a baby car seat has you feeling more than a bit overwhelmed, you're in good company. Choosing a car seat is much more about safety than aesthetics like colors and cup holders.
We have developed a quick reference guide about car seat safety, here are the topics you need to think before you start to use a car seat:
1. Types and stages of child restraints
2. Which car seat is best or safest
3. When a child should move to the next stage
4. Best practices
5. Selecting a car seat
6. Getting professional assistance
7. Why this is so important
8. Links to other references
For a purchase this important, seek out the in-person assistance of a certified expert. The best place to find one is at your local independent retailer. If your local store doesn't have a certified expert, check to see if your community has a Safe Kids Coalition.

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