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To know some facts of your baby
2019-06-17 10:00:09
To know some facts of your baby, take a moment away from your to-do lists and worries to refocus on what really matters – the sweet bundle of joy waiting for you at the end of your pregnancy journey. He or she is even more incredible than you can imagine. We have seven ways your newborn baby is sure to amaze you:
The term the “Breast Crawl” after determining that a brand new baby can find his or her way to the mother’s breast to feed. Once baby was born, cleaned and dried, nurses would lay him or her on the mother’s chest and, each time, the baby would crawl its way to mom’s breast to nurse on its own. Way to go, baby!

The outside world can be scary and overwhelming, what with all the new sights and sounds to take in. While baby is going to take some time to develop, he or she always recognizes mom’s voice and scent immediately after birth.

Don’t get us wrong – there will be a whole lot of crying, but for the first months, baby won’t shed a tear. His or her tear ducts are certainly working, but they will only lubricate enough to keep baby’s eyes comfortable – not to produce tears.

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