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Do you know how to choose and use the baby stroller
2015-10-19 09:31:45
Make sure the category you choose fits your routine activities. You may find that your lifestyle requires more than one baby stroller to adequately meet your needs.
For example, while jogging strollers are great for outdoor activities and walking over rougher terrain, they may be cumbersome for trips to the mall. Lightweight strollers tend to be preferable for travel but don’t perform as well at the park or on a sandy beach.

Try out several strollers at the store before you make your purchase. Open and close them. Put weight in the seat and push them around the store. Check out the different features and adjustments, and test how they work.
Make note of the pros and cons of each stroller. Features to consider include: Safety – Make sure the base is wide enough to prevent tipping. If the seat adjusts to a reclining position, make sure the stroller doesn’t have a tendency to tip backwards. If your stroller has a shopping basket for carrying packages, it should be low on the back of the stroller or directly over the rear wheels.

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