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How to select a good baby stroller
2015-10-27 09:52:00
It’s important for the parents to select a good baby stroller for their babies, but do you know how to select stroller?

1, First of all, place the frame on the ground, with pressing brake to keep the stroller in stop state, and then push a little harder to move forward, and pull back, in order to observe if the brake is tripped, sliding.
2, The addition of adjustable height stroller handle device is needed since the mummy height varies, such as the type of bending or stretching, it will increase the comfort of the baby stroller when in using.
3, If used in accordance with local climatic conditions or to select some of the baby stroller attachments, will be very easy to use, if you can put the cutlery plate; the disk can be put on the glove drinks or small objects; feet in the hood in the colder regions outdoor use to keep warm; the rain cover on rainy days can be covered stroller.
4, baby strollers can be used about 2 years old, if you still want to use a large number of baby, put more attention on security.
5, To pay attention to whether you can remove the cleaning, and should also pay attention to whether there is mesh ventilation. In this way, easy clean, but also conducive to cool the car, in order not to let the temperature is too high and cause  accidents to the baby.
6, It is best not to buy too much color combinations stroller, only a few basic colors of dye is secure, so as for the health of the baby.

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