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The shock absorption on baby stroller
2015-10-30 09:50:24
Generally, parents use baby strollers in the outdoors for the most of the time, but sometimes the road is smooth and sometimes is bumpy, although the stroller seat always with foam normally plus or cotton to be flexible resin material, in order to increase the infant's comfort when riding in the outside, but when riding on a more uneven pavement, the soft material will be unable to provide a soft cushion of comfort. So, it is generally that good strollers are always should be equipped with cushioning and shock absorption design  on the front or rear set of wheels, when in selection of the car just to place the stroller on the ground, gently press the frame flexibility to test the performance of the shock absorption system.

When you are going to buy baby strollers, it is better to pick the one with wheel with shock absorption. For the baby under six months, because his immature neck and back, he often can not firmly secured themselves. When the cart hit uneven pavement, the shaking will damage to the baby. Generally , the stroller with large wheel and high chassis are more suitable for infant baby.

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