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Market reaserch on baby stroller in China
2015-11-02 09:28:06
Market situation
Baby Stroller industry has come into the "spring" is an indisputable fact, signs that consumer target groups, as well as objective changes caused by these changes in a series of changes. We need to look into consumers, consumer target groups is caused by changes in the underlying causes changes in the market.
Overall, the stroller industry facing consumer market has generated a lot of changes, which will continue to promote the upgrading of enterprises and products to adapt to the impact of this change.
Consumption for the current market situation and the stroller industry, Baby stroller enterprises how to deal with it? I believe that the following three aspects:

1, The confidence to create brand
What baby stroller enterprises to do is: first to improve the brand system. Mining company culture, establish a good corporate image, to form their own brand, and to continue to strengthen brand awareness, create brand content.
Second is to strengthen the brand marketing. Brand marketing is mainly through a variety of marketing tools to increase brand awareness, reputation; improve dealer and customer loyalty, increase the level of market penetration of publicity. Done in this area is outstanding, especially "good boy", and
Within recent years, the stroller industry, "Chinese famous brand", "Provincial Famous Brand", "export exemption," the company is laudable object. But even if the title does not mean that brand-name companies no longer need to continue to build the brand. Brands need to constantly enrich the development of life was more dynamic and
Force. The next stroller market more competitive, only to establish a strong brand of the enterprise to have survival and development opportunities.
2, Identify the market strike
Businesses are not familiar with the market segments. Identify their own position, make great efforts to solve brand quality, design and development, marketing and other aspects of the problem, do the fine through a certain area. Accurate positioning is to ensure the success of enterprise development, so get your own piece of "cake" is easier.
3, The importance of design to improve R & D capability.
I believe that: blindly copying, imitation, or even the whole enterprise would follow the trend of industry to the dead end stroller to push. Industry should advocate attention to original design, respect for intellectual property in our community. Strength of a certain size stroller companies may wish to add a corporate structure. Design department, set up his own design team, set up a good set of design and development processes and plans, and gradually form a separate product development and mode of thinking. In addition the external design is also a good way. At the same time, the joint departments and professional lawyers to fight piracy is necessary.
China stroller industry will continue to fast forward, mature companies steady growth, emerging companies continue to bring surprises. 

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