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Buying baby articles in shopping canivel
2015-11-12 09:28:04
There was a big shopping canival in China--Double 11 shopping canival, the total sale volume of this shopping canival is more than 90 billion RMB, this is really huge amount.

Many parents bought lots of baby articles for their children in such canival, such as baby gears, baby toys, baby cloths, etc, American Parents also did the same thing in their Thanks-giving shopping day, but did you buy anything what you do not need acually? 

People always buy the goods because of the cheap price when the seller is promoting their goods, but many of them will not use this goods or they do not like it after buying it, the only reason they bought it was the “cheap price”! So, during the promotion or shopping canival, thinking over before you buy something, do you really need it? How many times will you use it? Does it has good quality? If the product is not suitale for you, do not buy it even though its price is very low. 

We should try to be a rational customer, to buy baby items which is really  necessary for your babies like baby car seat or baby stroller

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