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Try to not to take your babies to the place where is crowded
2015-11-16 09:42:40
There was a horrible terrorist attack in Paris, we were all shocked by this news when we herad it, hundreds of people were died in this attack, such horrible matter should not happen in nowadays!

We hope our Countries will clear the terrorists as soon as possible! However, as normal parents, the best thing we can do now is to protect ourselves with our babies. When we take our babies out, sometimes we will take them to the place where is crowded such as shopping mall, big square, big resturant etc, usually the terrorist would like to make the attack in crowded places, where they can hurt more peoples. In such crowded places, if the attack happen, it is difficult for even an adult to escape, much less when we are with a baby, you are not able to run fastly with holding him/her. Even though in most cases the babies will seat in a baby stroller, but it not work in such disordered situation.

Try to avoid the crowded places, we can go camping, hiking, or having party with friends.
Anyway, we hope sincerely our world would always be green and safe, human beings want peace!

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