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A Babyzen YOYO stroller
2016-01-06 09:10:44
This is the smallest folding stroller we’ve ever seen on the market. Yes, THE smallest, not one of the smallest. The Babyzen YoYo stroller was the first compact stroller to be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Yes, it folds THAT small. Why is this good? Because some people just don’t like to gate check their strollers. Yes, I know you get to drop your buggy at the end of the jet way and pick it up quickly after deplaning BUT have you seen how they handle some of the strollers once they leave your possession? Let’s just say that sometimes, it isn’t pretty.

Also, a tiny, compact stroller is great for fitting in a tiny trunk or small spaces. When I travel, I don’t always like a behemoth stroller weighing me down.

Enter the Babyzen YoYo. It weighs less than 12 lbs, folds into a tiny square and even comes with a travel bag.

We Noblerbaby also has the similar small light weight strollers for your choosing.

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