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How baby grow up
2016-11-02 09:39:30
During the first week of life, your little one is bound to be exhausted. Expect your new son or daughter to clock 19-20 hours of sleep each day. Sleep is important for brain development – and for giving you time to adjust to the demands of your new family member. As an important reminder, always put your little one to sleep on his or her back.
While every baby is different, most will nurse very frequently this week, feeding every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Rest assured, your newborn is working to build up your milk supply. If you have concerns about the frequency of your baby’s feedings, read our guide on newborn nursing: Nursing 101: Is your newborn getting enough milk? and don’t be afraid to consult with your pediatrician – that’s what he or she is there for.
Supporting your newborn’s head is critical for the first weeks of life. You’ll find your little one’s head flops forward or backward slightly, but a gentle hand from mom or dad can keep baby comfortable and safe. At this point, your baby may be able to turn his or her head from side to side – and even hold it up for a short period during tummy time.
Much of what baby does at this stage will be by reflex. You will find his or her hands are almost always gripped into tiny fists. If you flatten out a baby hand with your finger, your little one will instinctively grip you. Likewise, if you hold your finger against your baby’s knuckles, he or she will most likely latch onto you. In several weeks, by week 5-6, your baby will learn to clasp hands and pry one open with the other.

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