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Babies' medicine
2016-08-16 10:00:35
And each one comes with a mandated “Drug Facts” label listing what you need to know about the medicine inside. These labels, which often unfold into double-sided, multi-panel documents, can seem overwhelming. They’ve actually been designed to eliminate confusion. Here’s how to decode them:
Active Ingredients lists the drugs in the product responsible for working its magic.
Uses lists the symptoms or illnesses the product will prevent or treat. Only use ones that treat symptoms you or your kids have.
Warnings is one of the most important sections. It explains under what conditions the product should not be used, when its use should be stopped, what side effects are possible, what substances or activities to avoid when taking the medicine, and when you should seek professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist should be before using it. This panel should always be taken seriously—the drug in question may be regarded as safe, but it’s a drug nonetheless and misuse can result in serious harm. The common OTC pain reliever acetaminophen, for example, can cause potentially fatal liver damage if its warnings go unheeded.

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