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Baby proofing your house to keep baby safe
2016-02-26 09:17:02
We want to make sure the home is as safe as possible for your baby. There are some great safety tips and baby proofing ideas to keep baby safe at home.

1) Never buy a used crib.

With literally millions and millions of cribs recalled in the last decade, you never want to purchase a used crib. This is one product that you want to buy new so that you know it hasn’t been recalled.

2) A bare crib is a safe crib.

No blankets, loose bedding, crib bumpers or basically anything that is not the crib mattress or fitted sheet should go into a crib with a newborn.

3) Keep it out of reach.

Keep drapery, blind cords and baby monitor cords out of reach of the baby. A cord or curtain that is too close is a strangulation and suffocation hazard.

4) Furniture/TV Tipping

On average, one child dies every two weeks when a TV, furniture or an appliance falls on him, according to reports.

Anchor dressers, bookshelves, entertainment centers, and other tall pieces of furniture to the wall. This is an important step that carries you well into the later childhood years since most kids love to climb and explore.

5) Safety Gates

A fall down the stairs can be very dangerous for a child. You actually need safety gates sooner and longer than you think. As soon as babies can move off their blanket, it’s time to put gates up. And because clumsy can last through kindergarten, they should stay up for quite a few years.

It’s important to remember only hardware-mounted gates should be at the top of stairs. Pressure mounted gates can be used at the bottom of stairs, hallways and doorways.

6) Plug those outlets.

About 2,400 children 10 years old or younger suffer electrical injuries each year.

Cover all unused outlets with outlet covers whether it is the outlet plugs or slide outlet covers. Parents traveling with small children should always include outlet plugs in their luggage so that they are prepared whether they are at a hotel or at a non-baby proofed home.

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