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The baby car seat is one of the essentials for baby
2019-08-19 09:50:11
The baby car seat is one of the essentials for baby. Automobile is already become the normal member for most family, we believe every family will have an automobile in the future in our life. However, will every family take the baby car seat as the particular member with their automobile if they have kids?
You have to use the baby car seat before your babies' 4 years old! According to the safety test, babies under 4 years old should be much more safety with seating in the car seat than seating directly in the car. In China, many parents just hold their babies when they are sitting in the car, unfortunately, if a bad crash happen, parents are not able to hold the babies anymore, babies will be threw out in this way.
Fortunately, China is having the law for using baby car seat, and this law now is issued in some big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, when you drive in these cities with your babies(under 4 years old) seating inside but without baby car seat, you will be punished by paying a fine. We hope the whole China will be issued this law as soon as possible.

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