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Taking care of baby is tired
2018-07-27 09:15:43
I can’t think of one single person who could endure hours and hours of high-pitched screaming without wanting to snap. It’s OK – dare I say even normal – to wrestle with weird feelings about your fussy baby. You love him or her, absolutely.

But you’re also feeling defeated, guilty, annoyed, confused, frustrated, and about a million other emotions we’re taught moms just aren’t supposed to have when it comes to their babies. Speaking of that angry feeling, when it reaches peak levels, know that it’s time to put baby down in a safe place and walk away. There will certainly be times when all your best calming efforts do nothing but make your child even more upset.

If you feel like you can’t soldier on with patience and gentleness, lay your little one down in his or her crib, close the door quietly, and give yourself a breather. Make yourself a cup of tea, call your mom, burst into tears, whatever you need to do to blow off a little steam for a few minutes. When you’ve regained your composure, get back to your son or daughter and try, try again.
Erickson University in Chicago, IL has a Fussy Baby Network that sends specialized counselors out for home visits to help you cope. If you’re not in the area, they have a free, national hotline for parents who need a listening ear and some fresh techniques for calming their kids.

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