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Be careful when using medicine to baby
2018-06-08 11:06:00
Be careful when using medicine to baby. This section explains how and when to administer the drug to teens and adults, and to young children if permitted. Never exceed this dosage and pay special attention to children’s instructions—they often differ significantly from adult ones. Other Information is all about proper storage and things like how much sodium is in the product.
Though frequently overlooked, this is one of the most crucial panels on the Drug Facts label. It lists the additives the medicine contains, many of which consist of undesirable ingredients families may want to avoid, including: Gelatin, an animal product vegetarians can’t consume. Allergens like wheat and milk derivatives.

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin. Preservatives like sodium benzoate and/or benzoic acid, which have been linked to hyperactivity and even parabens. Always carefully check the Drug Facts label of any OTC product you’re considering taking or giving to your children. If you see questionable warnings, undesirable ingredients, or any other potential concerns, choose another product.

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