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Traning on the Children's ability
2015-12-08 10:17:12
Wondering if your little one is ready to start potty training? All children are unique in this area, but here are some loose guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

1.Physiology: Most children's digestive systems and bladders have matured to the point where they can delay a bowel movement or urination long enough to get to a potty by around 18 months of age.
2.Cognitive readiness:  Your child needs to be able to (a) associate the need to eliminate with potty use, (b) remember to use it, and (c) keep from being distracted long enough to complete the process. For most children, that's usually sometime after their second birthday.
3.Motor skills: Your child should be able to get to the bathroom, manage clothes and sit still on the potty.
4.Emotional maturity: Your child should be showing an interest in independence and self-mastery, as well as the emotional maturity to relax control enough to avoid constipation.
5.Social readiness: An awareness of other people's toilet use and a desire to imitate that behavior is powerful motivation for toddlers and preschoolers.
6.Communication: Your child should be able to understand your explanation of how to use the toilet and to verbally express any confusion or uneasiness he or she may feel.

It's not necessary to wait until your child can do all of these, but your child's abilities in each one of these areas will increase your chances of success.

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