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What cloths do you buy for your children
2016-08-18 09:53:38
To get the skinny on everything from organic cotton to washing hand-me-downs, we reached out to green fashion guru.
Most people think that organic cotton is an agricultural choice. Choose it and you’re safeguarding the earth by keeping the synthetic chemicals needed to grow conventional cotton out of our ecosystem. “The fact that 1/3 a pound of pesticides is used to make one T-shirt is crazy,” says Chua. But by choosing it, you’re also safeguarding the health of the farmers who grow it.

And your kids’ health, too. “On a personal scale you don’t want pesticides in contact with your body,” she explains. “But it’s not just pesticides; it’s the chemicals they use to treat the fabrics like flame retardants on polyester or formaldehyde used to keep clothes wrinkle free.” People sensitive to either can break out in a rash. So, make a good choice to make your kid’s closets healthier and more eco-friendly:

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