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Here are some guids for baby care
2018-03-26 09:26:14
Here are some guids for baby care, we’re often seen as clueless and inept, with all the natural parenting ability of a canned ham. This is not our fault, at least partly. Unlike women, we were not born knowing what a “layette” is or that yoo-hoo is not an acceptable infant formula. This is why new dads must take some responsibility for this handicap and make an effort to learn what it takes to gear up for daddyhood.
When I stepped up to diaper my newborn daughter for the first time, I was nervous, but I thought I at least had it pretty well under control. I lifted my girl’s tiny legs, slid the diaper under her adorable little bottom—and the meconium (newborn stools) started coming out. And coming out. And coming out some more.

My supplies on hand were quickly soiled as I tried to keep up with the flow. “More diapers! More wipes!” I called, although my wife says my call was more like a terrified squawk. I am now willing to admit that I may have overreacted a bit, but to hear others tell it, you could have mistaken me for Jack Bauer on 24, frantically trying to rescue the planet from evil terrorist baby poop. I never expected that my helpless sweetheart could throw me into such a panic. Being a new father is like that: It will take you further out of your comfort zone than you’ve ever been and in ways that you could never anticipate. 

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