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Let's see what's in baby's closet.
2019-05-06 09:43:42
Let's see what's in baby's closet. Unless fashion is a big deal in your family, chances are the only time you really think about clothing is while doing (endless amounts of) laundry. Dressing them day after day in clean outfits that fit growing limbs, free of stains, holes, and egregious color clashes is more than enough consideration.

But new evidence suggests that our assumptions and ignorance about clothing’s general safety is unraveling. The chemicals detected included hormone disrupting nonylphenol ethoxylates and phthalates, reproductive and immune toxins in the perfluorochemicals family, antimony, a material similar to arsenic, and organotins, which can damage immune and nervous systems.

Greenpeace said that while amounts were small and there’s no evidence that children wearing the items would be harmed, precaution nevertheless called for an end to their use in textile production.

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