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LEAD in baby or adult's products
2017-06-30 09:26:56
While levels of lead in toys have declined, adult and children’s apparel continues to show high levels of lead. For instance, over half of the 100 plastic handbags tested contain 1,000 ppm lead. Babies and young children are the most vulnerable to toxic chemicals since their brains and bodies are still developing and because they commonly put toys, other products, and their hands into their mouths.
Lead Declining But Still in Toys – Lead was detected in 18% (119 out of 669) products tested this year. In 2007, a level of 40 parts per million (ppm) of lead as the maximum that should be allowed in children’s products. Seven percent (44) of this year’s toys tested at levels above 40 ppm. Three percent (17) of this year’s products tested at levels above 300 ppm, some Countries recall standard used for lead material substrates in children’s products.
It’s Not Just Lead – Other dangerous chemicals are still found in toys. One-in-three (32%) toys tested this year contained one or more of the hazardous chemicals tested. Of those, cadmium was found at levels greater than 100 ppm in 3.3% of products (22 of 669 total products). Arsenic was detected at levels greater than 100 ppm in 1.3% of products (9 of 669 total products).

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