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Will the parents-child stroller be popular
2016-01-22 10:01:26
We do have the bicycle stroller, which is very fashionable and with very good quality, this stroller bicycle either can be used as a stroller, also can used be a bicycle. Meanwhile, the bicycle stroller and the baby car seat can also be used together in conjunction with the convenience of parents.

However, it was rarely seen in China the bicycle stroller, maybe one of the main reasons of this phenomenon is that people is not familiar with this kind of stroller and think the price of this bicycle stroller is relatively high, so many people still can not accept, moreover, the domestic traffic is not very good, not as the foreign countries who have many spacious venue for bicycle stroller to drive. But is it popular in other Countries?

We do not think so at this moment.As we think it is not safe enough actually.

So the normal baby stroller with carry cot or baby car seat is still the most popular and safe vehicle for our babies.

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