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Use baby furniture safely
2017-06-28 10:11:03
“Natural furniture, made of certified sustainable wood and painted with non-toxic paints is the safest choice,” says Terri of Cindy of explains, “Pressed wood products such as particle board, plywood and fiberboard (or MDF) typically contain VOCs as well as formaldehyde in the glues and adhesives used to bond the particles together.” Though hard wood is more expensive, Terri notes it’s usually durable, making it a solid investment.

Sara of Treehugging with Kids adds, “Buy any furniture early, unpack it from the boxes and allow it to air out for several months, to off-gas any potential contaminants.” Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog says, “Make sure baby skincare is all organic.” Great minds think alike; we happen to agree!

This goes for laundry as well as the nursery, says Terri of “Common household cleaners are one of the worst culprits for toxins being introduced in the home!” To avoid these, you can DIY natural products out of things like vinegar and baking soda (bonus: these save money, too, she says).

Cindy of reminds her readers not to rely on a manufacturer’s claim that something is so-called natural or green. “Inspect the ingredients yourself and check the product’s safety with a resource like EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning,” she says.

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