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Noblerbaby's safety tips
2016-08-30 09:54:03
Most of our blogger friends suggest no-VOC paint, including staff of who says, “Many paints are made of harsh chemicals that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These vapors can continue to leak into the air long after the room was originally painted.” If you’re stuck using conventional paint, the staff of  says to “have plenty of ventilation while working and give the room plenty of time to air out before the baby sleeps there. Definitely try to avoid working with VOC paints while pregnant.” Luckily, no-VOC paint is widely available.
Providing a safe sleep environment with a mattress that doesn’t contain harmful flame retardants was another unanimous tip. The engineer of Noblerbaby  says, “It may seem expensive, but considering the amount of time baby will spend on it, it is well worth it.” He adds, “Be careful what you cover that organic (or any!) mattress with! Waterproof covers off-gas bad stuff, and you could negate the positives from a good mattress with a cheap cover!” engineer of [] suggests considering natural bedding, too: “The healthiest options for baby are linens made from materials such as organic cotton, hemp and wool.”

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