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Wife Love your Baby More Than You
2021-12-20 09:59:32
There’s a horrible dark side to having a baby. It’s supposed to be a wonderful experience of joy and love, but for far too many men it marks the end of their loving relationship with their wives.
New moms are appropriately wired to become obsessed with their babies, but if we just stand back in our experience of being replaced, things can become miserable.
Fortunately, there is an easy fix. There are concrete steps that you can do that can lead to actually knowing more love than you’ve ever known.
In Summary
It is truly horrific when this beautiful moment of our child’s birth is followed up by us feeling lonely and displaced. Use these four things to turn the corner and get back in there with your family:
1. Take the time to be engaged and fall in love with your baby.
2. Nurture your relationship with your wife.
3. Ask her to support you to be an engaged father.
4. Work as little as possible.

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