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A non-tocix valentine's day
2016-01-26 09:47:57
Valentine’s Day can be a tad commercial, but it’s so sweet to celebrate love with young kids, this can be easily overlooked. Far more distasteful than commercialization is the handful of hidden surprises that come with this annual public display of affection. Here are a few Valentine’s traditions to be wary of, and safer alternatives.

Commercial candy can fill the day with sugar overdoses, but for once that’s the least of its issues. Candy is also packed with artificial dyes, preservatives, and other unhealthy food additives. High fructose corn syrup can be contaminated by mercury. Pamper loved ones with the treat of organic fair trade dark chocolate instead. Need an excuse? It supplies key antioxidants called flavonoids and can literally help prevent broken hearts.

Costume and children’s jewelry is a common Valentine’s Day gift, but it can be contaminated with lead. If these and other similar trinkets are part of your family’s celebration, play it safe and give something else. Make bracelets out of paper!

Flowers are another ubiquitous Valentine’s pleasure, but conventional cut flowers are typically grown with pesticides and treated with hazardous chemicals to ensure longer lasting blooms. Help a healthier love blossom by handing out organic varieties instead. Houseplants last longer than cut flowers and they might even help filter the air.

School celebrations can be a minefield of less-than-lovely offerings on Valentine’s Day. From sugary cupcakes to candy and even temporary heart tattoos, there’s a lot to monitor. Talk to your school, teachers, or the PTA about instituting a card-only policy. Or offer to bring the treats in yourself and supply the class with healthier alternatives.

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