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Safe travel with your children baby car seat
2015-09-25 15:11:07

Nowaday, some parents send their children using their private car to nursery, or have family outings during the holidays, but do to watch out the children’s safety, generally there are 3 errors:
1, Let the child sit on the co-pilot position
Tests show that the co-pilot sitting in the car on the location of the child in a very dangerous situation. If the child is a person sitting alone in the car when the emergency happen, the child will like a bullet to hit the front, which will resulting in serious injury or death. Moreover, most of the co-pilot position with the airbag, the airbag is turned on, will suffocate children.
Tips: generally speaking, the children is more safer sat in the back than the front, and the position of vice driver's seat behind the whole car is generally considered the most secure location, followed by the middle and rear positions behind the driver .
2, Parents hold their children when sitiing in car
Many parents like to let the child in his arms, or sitting in his lap. Automotive Safety Research shows that when the car up to 56 km / hour speeds, if the emergency happen, the mother clinging to a 3-year-old, weighing 12 kg child needs to withstand force of 150 kg; if speed becomes 70 km / h and child weighing 18 kg case, this force will reach over 250 kg. If this time does not implement appropriate measures to protect children, he will fly out from the arms of his mother, resulting in tragedy.
Tips: When traveling, never allow children to sit in adults lap. Every child needs to have their own seat and have the appropriate security facilities.
3, Improper use of seat belts
When child is older than three or four, whoes baby car seats can not accommodate, then the seat belt the main equipment to protect them. But often is not the proper use of seat belts, or the tie methods is also problematic.
Tips: For toddlers who lack of height, can use booster cushion, the child's body booster length, collision, seat belts will be the stronger part of the body; if tall children only the seat belt is enough, but note: the shoulder belts over the shoulder close to the chest, lap belt should be tied to lower position, snapping the thigh, should not be higher than the stomach; ensure shoulder belts will not be tied to the neck, face or arm, to prevent collision damage to the child. Finally, once again confirm the safety belt has been into the lock.

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