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Babies' good bed time
2016-07-08 09:56:29
The darker it is outside, the more parents tend to stress during the first few nights at home. For parents of preemies, that anxiety can be compounded, but these nights will be punctuated with feedings every three hours. Smaller babies shouldn’t sleep through the night, but they may because they’re not very vigorous and they’re not going to cry out and say ‘I’m hungry,’They should feed every three to four hours every day and night, so always wake your baby for feeding if he or she’s sleeping through the night.
Within a few days of returning home, check in with your doctor. Find a pediatrician you’re comfortable with and follow-up with that person right away, premature babies are more at risk for respiratory infections if they’ve been on a ventilator, so follow-ups with vaccinations and immunizations are key.

It really helps to connect with parents of preemies who are a little older. “You’ll get support as well as hope by seeing their little ones, and if you need a shot of confidence, look at the pictures in the NICU of all the babies who have gone home and thrived. Actually listen to the nurses and staff when they tell you that this hospital stay will soon become just a blip in your memory.

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