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How to select a baby carrier and use properly
2016-01-15 09:59:08
Select an infant carrier that's made of a durable, washable fabric with sturdy adjustable straps. Only use carriers that are appropriate for your baby's developmental age, weight and size. Your baby should fit snugly in a soft infant carrier with the head supported and weight evenly distributed.

Check the fabric, seams, and any buckles or other fasteners every time you use your carrier, and don't use it if it's not structurally sound.
Use reflective surfaces like car or store windows to check that your baby is secure, and double check your baby's position with your hands or by asking someone else to take a look.

Don't do risky activities, like climbing a ladder, riding a bike, mowing the lawn or cooking, while "wearing" your baby.  
Dress your child appropriately to protect him or her from the elements, like excessive heat, sun and cold. 

Be aware of what your baby can reach, especially if you are wearing your baby on your back (which is only recommended for larger babies and toddlers.) 
Don’t put loose items in the carrier with your baby. 
While learning to use the carrier, use a mirror and be sure to support your baby with your arm until you are confident that your baby is securely held in the carrier. 
Practice with a doll or teddy bear first, and a few "dry runs" to help you get the hang of it.

Most carries can be accomplished while sitting on the floor, so start by doing this. As you build muscle memory and confidence, you can move up to lifting your baby onto your body from a bed or chair.

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