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Your choice for what your babies wear
2016-06-24 09:53:54
I’m totally in love with all the fancy and fabulous prints popping up left and right. I’ve seen them at Target and Carters, GAP and Old Navy. The darling prints are literally sucking my wallet dry. You see, I cloth diaper my little ones and leggings are my go to for their fluffy buns. It just makes sense to put them in something with good stretch. Obviously an awesome print is icing on the cake.
So, although I’m stocked in basic black and other solids, this new baby is gathering quite a collection of printed boutique leggings. I love shopping small businesses, and thus, have skipped many of the big box stores in favor of Etsy shops and mom & pop folks. Their designs rock!
Don’t believe me? Take a browse at these six styles on my wish list. Swoon! If you think they’re the bee’s knees, then hop over to each of their shops and check out all their other print offerings … more flowers, deer, bears, triangles, palm trees and more!

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