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The firstborn of you
2021-03-08 09:57:05
To prepare your firstborn. Your first child was your whole world, and now you’re pregnant with number two and it’s time to start preparing your firstborn for the new arrival. Here are some tips on how to make the transition to big brother or big sister easier on everyone:
As your due date gets closer, step up your game: Talk even more about the baby. What will happen when we go to the hospital? How can (your child’s name) help with the baby? Where will baby sleep? What can’t (your child’s name) do with baby? (Can’t feed Cheerios, can’t jump on, can’t hold without help, etc) Just make sure to make your dialog positive so your child doesn’t feel restricted. Try something like, “The baby can’t have the food you eat because he’s so little. You’re a big girl and get to have all the yummy things and all baby gets is boring milk!”
Get a gift for your older child “from” the new baby: When your first gets to meet the new baby, give her something you know she will love and emphasize that it’s from the baby. This is a positive first interaction and your toddler will remember how cool her new sibling is! Just make sure to include batteries if needed. We got our toddler a bubble machine but forgot the batteries so it was a disaster.

Baby can wait; the toddler cannot: In most cases, it’s okay to let your infant cry in a safe place while you tend to your toddler. It’s the older child who will remember your attention and help, or lack thereof; the baby won’t know any different. If your older child starts to feel neglected, her trust that you’ll be there might be lost and the tantrums will be more frequent.

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