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Different ways to fold the baby strollers
2018-11-19 09:48:25
If you have several baby strollers, you must know that different baby stroller have their different ways to be folded. Now, let me tell you the current several ways of the folding of baby strollers, they are generally divided into three categories.

The traditional way is to close the head and the end together, and then it will be a square, usually this way is suitable for the dual seat stroller which either can be stroller seat or be carry cot..It can stand after folding, and also, it can be put into the car rear storage space.

Secondly, fold from the right to left equivalent up and then fold from up to down again, usually this folding way is suitable for the umbrella stroller, after folding, the umbrella stroller will be a slender-shaped, smaller, however, the disadvantage of this folding way is that usually the stroller can not stand after folding.
Thirdly, fold from the head to end in advance and then fold equivalent from left to right, it can be put on the shoulder after folding, which is a popular design of the stroller folding, but the disadvantage of this stroller is that the frame is not so stable, user should pay more attention to the bumps when pushing.

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