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Safe and healthy food
2015-11-30 11:31:35
Another issue is the use of pharmacologically active ingredients like pansy and yucca extracts. Pansy contains cyclotide proteins that pose an allergy risk and are so bioactive they’re being investigated for use in medications. Similarly, yucca extract has blood-thinning properties and contains saponins that exhibit steroidal effects. No regulations currently govern how such herbal ingredients are to be used, and no standards exist for purity or concentration. So it’s a good precautionary approach to leave them off your baby.

While ingredients like these have valid uses, their natural and organic origins shouldn’t be misinterpreted as a blanket indication of safety, especially when it comes to infants. Parents should always scrutinize labels carefully and reject any product with ingredients they haven’t researched. If you’re interested in natural or organic approaches, the most natural—and safest—strategy is not to use anything at all on your baby’s skin unless it’s absolutely necessary. Considering babies’ notoriously beautiful skin, this is almost never. Plenty of parents do nothing but rinse babies with water from time to time, dab breast milk on rashes, and use organic olive oil for dry spots. Its a ridiculously simple approach that avoids potential problems.

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