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Babytoddler choking what to do in an emergency
2016-01-07 09:16:24
Choking is a leading cause of injury and death among children, especially children 3 years of age or younger. Food, toys and coins account for most of the choking-related events in young children, who put objects in their mouths as they explore new environments.

Grapes, cherry tomatoes, hot dogs, and nuts, are among the most common foods that are often believed to be safe but that need to be cut into tiny pieces for children up until the age of 5. Always encourage slow chewing with your child, and avoid letting them eat while running around as this increases the risk of a choking incident.

Baby choking

What To Do in An Emergency 

Here is a picture by St John Ambulance UK, explaining what you should do in an emergency when a child is choking, followed by what to do when it happens to an adult. Please do watch it, and pass the information on. You could save a life.

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